strange tracks

...............weird, but of prime quality.

Metropolis 00'35-1,4MB-mp3
Voices from Metropol: hard, loud, distorted, energetic, exotic, groovy. Voices of different cultures blend together into a new style.

The Dark Corners 01'13-2,8MB-mp3
There are areas in big Cities where you don´t want to be at the wrong time… Sinister sounds, a heavy groove, a harsh saxophone, rain and sirens are the ingredients for the dark atmosphere.

Apollos Desciples Part 1 00'59-2,2MB-mp3
Very special suite inspired by the desciples of Apollon.

Apollos Desciples Part 2 01'13-3,8MB-mp3
A styilistc journey through non diatonic melodies cool grooves and free background textures.

Asian Desert-1,3MB-mp3
Sounds, that make the imagination float over a surreal Mongolian desert. Acapella, exotic, timeless and atmospheric.

Lurking In Deep Shadows 00'35-1,4MB-mp3
Mysterious composition inspired by films like "The 6th sense", Scary, sinister and disturbing. Conveying a strong feeling of horror.

Computer 1'04-2,4MB-mp3
A hard, pushing groove made of computer noises and synth percussion sounds combined with a deep synthbass with computer noises, boosted by a brutal punk beat and a screaming saxophone.

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