instrumental tracks

Professionals with their instruments are a godsend to the composer and the audience.

Skyline 01'02-2,4MB-mp3
An imaginary flight over the streets and skyscrapers of a big City. A cool saxophone over slow grooves and smooth chords leads to a piano solo with a jazzy feel to it. Serious and slightly melancholic.

Crowd 01'15-2,9MB-mp3
The movement of the masses. A strong, medium tempo beat with a catchy saxophone section theme and cool, jazzy flugelhorn solo.

Subway Home 01'13-2,8MB-mp3
On the subway home after a long exhausting day. Acoustic guitar chords, a smooth groove and a very sparse piano theme arranged in an even flow.

Lunch 01'12-2,8MB-mp3
Take a short break at lunchtime in the busy bistro. A jumpy, syncopated rhythm, a relaxed yet groovy saxophone and a biting synth solo make the tension between hectic and break perfectly clear.

Downtown Jazzclub 00'34-1,3MB-mp3
A hot jam session in a Jazz Club. Uptime live-jazz club-remix with funky beats and pumping bass, guitar and altosaxophone.Features a catchy theme and a saxophone solo with a strong build-up and great interactive playing.

Sunday Summer Breeze 01'11-2,8MB-mp3
Easy listening for an easy summer´s day. Mellow latin feel with lots of drum and percussion under a soft electric guitar theme. The guitar solo is accompanied by a smooth sounding choir.

Nightclub 01'47-4,1MB-mp3
Red velvet, dim lights, private booths and the band is playing… Very sexy groove with funky guitar, rhodes piano and a cool trumpet that eventually gets hot.

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