You never go into a scene unless you have something to say that will help the picture emotionally.
It's a matter of understanding pictures and instrumental choice.

Battlefield 03'02-7,0MB-mp3
Dramatic composition for mixed choir and orchestra. Brass, strings, classical percussion, vocal effects and clusters convey the different atmospheres in war: fright, confusion, suspense, speed, action, victory.

Crisis (Battlefield Remix) 01'42-4,0MB-mp3
Remix focusing on the frightening experience of (modern) warfare. The choir supported by prepared piano, drumbeats and synthbass create a mysterious yet driving scene. Scary, strange, powerful.

War Dreams 01'49-4,2MB-mp3
Choire in melancholic mood, supported by ambient sound of war scenery. Definite thrill for ear and brain.

Cathedral 02'49-6,5MB-mp3
Mixed choir and boy soprano in rich harmonies and peaceful atmosphere. Gregorian choral meets 20th century. Touching, pure, spiritual, sacral.

Exotic Drama 01'49-2,7MB-mp3
Mongolian throatsinging and orchestra featuring a relaxed percussion groove blend to a tremendous (film) score. Open, floating, exotic, deep.

Vocal Orchestration Part 1 01'00-2,3MB-mp3
Positiv heroic theme with full orchestration and voices. Open, floating, easy.

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