ethnic plus

The roots of music are incarnated in cultural backrounds.
You can creat something new, if you understand the roots of another culture and your own roots.

Vocal Orchestration 00'47-1,9MB-mp3
Orchestral spizzicati in groovy part with voice perussion and ad libs. Symphonic Sounds and rhytmical voices joining in a hymn like soundtrack.

Bulgarian Voice 01'14-2,9MB-mp3
Powerful female voices singing rich harmonies and authentic melodies in a driving 11/8th rhythm. Also featured are pizzicato strings and a theme played by flute. Energetic, rough, syncopated.

Andalusian Mood 01'29-3,5MB-mp3
Female spanish vocals, hot flamenco guitars and cajon. Music for dancing and fiesta featuring a melodic guitar solo which intertwines with the vocal theme. Driving, groovy, causing perspiration.

Bavarian Barber Shop 00'30-1,2MB-mp3
A funny, bavarian melody arranged for small male-voice choir oldfashioned acapella sound in the tradition of the ”Comedian Harmonists”.

Ethnic Chant 01'41-3,9MB-mp3
African Chanting with mixed choir, female solo and unconventional cello. Invites to join singing.

Groovy Monk 00'29-1,2MB-mp3
Multicultural mix of Tibetian monks singing with funky beatbox and psychodelic guitar. It's a cooking track full of sounds, like never heard before.

Cathedral Remix 01'25-3,3MB-mp3
Mixed choir and boy soprano in rich harmonies with strong and lively electro-beat. Gregorian choral meets 21th century.

Mountain Range 01'11-2,8MB-mp3
Western overtone singing and a relaxed drumgroove blend to a rich atmosphere. Complemented by a sparse piano solo. Pop meets overtone singing: original and witty.

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